Terms & Conditions

How To Book

To book your stay with us, please go to ‘Contact Us’ on the menu.  Upon receipt of your booking request, we will respond within 12 hours via an email message to advise you if we can or cannot accommodate your specific requirements together with the terms of payment.

How To Pay

All payments that are due to secure your accommodation are invoiced in UK pound sterling (£) and must be paid in UK pound sterling (£).
We ONLY accept payments through Direct Bank Transfers (wire/swift). All the relevant bank charges must be paid in full by you ‘the guest’. If you do not pay it in full then your room will not be guaranteed.
All bookings are subject to a ‘ONE OFF’ non-refundable booking fee per booking.
Please refer to ‘PRICES’ for clarification.

Booking Confirmation

Your accommodation will only be guaranteed after the initial deposit payment has been received into our designated bank account.
Your accommodation will only become legally binding when the ‘Booking/Contract Room Agreement’ is signed and dated by both parties with both parties holding an original copy.
We reserve the right to cancel all your booking accommodation for any reason whatsoever with a full refund, less the ‘ONE OFF’ non-refundable booking fee – subject to the specific ‘SPECIAL PACKAGE’ contract of agreement if applicable.
We will also cancel your booking accommodation if we have not received full payment by the due date, resulting in the appropriate cancellation/penalty fees.
We can only confirm the period of your stay that we have received full payment for.
Once you commence a new week and you wish to depart halfway through, the full weekly amount is payable, irrespective of the number of nights stayed.  For all other stays please refer to the ‘SPECIAL PACKAGE’ contract of accommodation agreement.

Arrival Time

You must inform us of your UK estimated time of arrival along with your flight details in full at least 48 hours in advance. This is especially important if you have pre-booked our meet and greet incoming airport transfer services.
This is to ensure that someone is at home when you arrive. Failure to do this may result in you having to wait outside our home on the front porch until we return. Our normal ‘check in’ time is after 3.00 p.m. Furthermore, we will not be liable to pay for any expenses incurred by you as a result.

Departure Time

You must inform us of your estimated time of departure along with your flight details in full at least 48 hours in advance. This is especially important if you have pre-booked your outgoing airport transfer services. This is to ensure that you arrive at the correct airport in time for check in.
On the very last day of your ‘homestay’, please ensure that you ‘check out’ and depart our premises by 10.00 a.m. the latest, and remember to ‘sign out’ the registration form. Thereafter, a flat fee will be chargeable, please refer to ‘PRICES’ for clarification.

Guest Visa Application

We are pleased to assist you in applying for your entry to the UK by issuing a letter, which can be submitted to the British Consulate in your respective country. This letter will confirm that you have booked and paid in full for your ‘homestay’ accommodation with us.
Visa letters are only issued after your accommodation has been fully paid for and only for the dates and the duration of your stay with us is confirmed. We are unable to issue letters for unconfirmed/unpaid for lengths of stay.
To ensure that you do not incur cancellation charges (please read our Cancellation Policy carefully), you are advised to allow sufficient time between your visa application, your interview date and your arrival date in the UK. This will allow us sufficient notice of your cancellation/change or arrival date and for you to avoid cancellation charges.
If you wish to change or postpone your arrival date as you have been asked by the British Consulate to return for a further interview, we will re-book your accommodation, subject to availability and to our cancellation charges (please read our Cancellation Policy carefully.)
Each time that you make any changes or amendments to your ‘homestay’ with us there will be a £25.00 chargeable administration fee.

Extension Of Stay

If you wish to extend your stay with us beyond your original leaving date, you should advise us as soon as possible by email, together with the full direct bank transfer or cash payment to guarantee your room. All extensions are subject to availability and on a first come first serve basis. If we cannot confirm the extension that you require, you will need to vacate our home as per your original booking date.

Sharing A Twin Room

If you require accommodation in a twin room, you should request the twin room jointly together with the other guest at the same time of the original booking request for the full duration of your stay. We do not provide room-mates for any guest/s who travel alone.
In the event that one of you should depart sooner than the other, the twin room rate will still be applicable for the remainder of the original booked duration, there will not be any refund on the difference.

Cancellation Policy

Accommodation, once confirmed and paid for, is subject to the following cancellation charges:-
If you ‘NO SHOW’ (fail to advise us that you will not be arriving) or cancel your accommodation 0-7 days before your confirmed arrival date (0%) – NO REFUND is due.
Also, there will be no refund at all and a full cancellation penalty (100%) rate will apply if you have not confirmed and not fully pre-paid for more than 5 week’s accommodation.
If you cancel your accommodation 8-14 days before your confirmed arrival date (25%) refund is due. Less (minus) the ‘ONE OFF’ booking fee.
If you cancel your accommodation 15-21 days before your confirmed arrival date (50%) refund is due. Less (minus) the ‘ONE OFF’ booking fee.
If you cancel your accommodation 22-28 days before your confirmed arrival date (75%) refund is due. Less (minus) the ‘ONE OFF’ booking fee.
If you cancel your accommodation 29-35 days before your confirmed arrival date (100%) FULL REFUND is due. Less (minus) the ‘ONE OFF’ booking fee.
Cancellation requests must be received in writing by email during office hours, which are from 09.00-17.00 (London time), Monday through Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and English National Holidays (including the days between Christmas and New Year) are excluded.

Refunds & Bank Charges

Refunds are made through the same means by which they are received (this is in line with the UK money laundering laws.) Fees paid by bank transfer from overseas will be refunded by bank transfer to the bank account in the country from which they were received. Only small amount (max £50.00) of cash payments can be refunded in cash. We will refund room fees only. Unfortunately, we cannot refund bank charges. Any bank charges levied by the UK and/or the foreign banks when refunding fees, will be deducted from the accommodation refund by the banks in question and not paid for by us. We are not liable for any bank charges.

Complaint & Curtailment

If you have to cut short your stay, the accommodation fees once paid for are subject to cancellation charges. We cannot assist you in finding an alternative solution to your accommodation problem. We will not be responsible for the payment of fees for hotel stays or accommodation not booked with us in the event that you choose not to stay with us for any reason.
You are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance which will cover you for any loss stated in the insurance policy.


Our liability is no more than the money we have received from you.
We do not accept liability for any loss, damage or misadventure you may suffer in our home, or elsewhere. We act in good faith and will not be held responsible for acts or defaults caused by any third parties.
You should also take out your own itemised insurance policy on your personal property i.e. laptops, jewellery and other expensive items; any property belonging to you are not covered under our own home insurance policy.
All damages and breakages accident or otherwise caused by you must be paid for by you in full (according to the present value of the item in question – newly replaced) directly either by cash or by direct bank transfer into our designated bank account.
We do expect reasonable behaviour at all times during your stay with us. We reserve the right to immediately terminate your stay with us if your conduct is unsatisfactory. Normally 36 days’ notice is expected on either side to vacate our premises due to unhappy living surroundings to avoid any penalty charges. Alternative accommodation or any refund will not be offered by us.
We believe that the information provided to you regarding us and your stay with us at the time of your booking is correct and is provided in good faith. However, we are not responsible for any inaccuracies that may result in third party involvement.
You should read our guest ‘Homestay Guidelines’ carefully to comprehend of what can be expected from us (your host/s) and what we will expect of you (our guest/s.)
Please ask for a FREE copy.