Our Neighbourhood & Commuting

We live in a four bedroom semi-detached house. Our home is located in the North West region of London. In the borough of ‘Barnet’, overlooking a lovely park called ‘ Windsor Open Space’. It is a private conservation area, which is bursting with wildlife throughout the year. It is the home of the bright green coloured Parakeets, the ‘Woody’ Woodpecker, the grey Squirrel, the Magpie, the sweet Robin the ‘Redbreast’, the ‘hooting’ Owl and not forgetting a family of friendly Foxes etc…
Our area is called ‘Holders Hill’, a friendly, quiet residential middle-class suburban neighbourhood, conveying the sense of living out in the country yet being close to the heart. The amenities close by are just a few small local corner shops i.e.:- a florist, a post office, a newsagents, a dry cleaners, a hair studio, a dentist, a launderette, a petrol station, a supermarket called ‘Waitrose’, a G.P. surgery, various fast food/take out shops (e.g. Chinese, Hamburger or Kebab), a taxi/minicab office, a butcher, a greengrocer, a chemist, a cake shop/bakery/cafe, and a keep fit establishment just to name a few.
Our area borders ‘Zone 3-4’ division of the London Transport network. You may easily commute to and from our home by bus (the nearest bus stop is a 5 minute walk) to ‘Golders Green’ station, which is located in ‘Zone 3’, a short bus ride away (approx. 20 minutes) depending on the traffic. There onwards continue your journey to and from central London, using the ‘Northern Line’ NL ‘Edgware’ branch services.
The other London underground stations which are within reasonable safe and easy walking distance away from our home (approximately 20-30 minutes respectively) are either ‘Mill Hill East’ or ‘Finchley Central’, equally on the NL. Both are located in ‘Zone 4’ and provide an easy access to the City or to the West End of London.
Travelling by London underground from the above mentioned stations, to the centre of London is in reach within minutes e.g. stations such as ‘Camden Town’ (within 15 minutes), ‘Euston Station’ (within 20 minutes), and ‘Tottenham Court Road Station’ (within 30 minutes) and ‘Leicester Square Station’ (within 35 minutes).