How to Book

To book your stay with us, please go to ‘Contact Us’ on the menu. Upon receipt of your booking request, we will respond within 12 hours via an email message to advise you if we can or cannot accommodate your specific requirements together with the terms of payment.

Booking Confirmation

Your accommodation will only be guaranteed after the initial deposit payment has been received into our designated bank account.
Your accommodation will only become legally binding when the ‘Booking/Contract Room Agreement’ is signed and dated by both parties with both parties holding an original copy.
We reserve the right to cancel all your booking accommodation for any reason whatsoever with a full refund, less the ‘ONE OFF’ non-refundable booking fee – subject to specific contract of agreement.
We will also cancel your booking accommodation if we have not received full payment by the due date.
We can only confirm the period of your stay that we have received full payment for.
Once you commence a new week and you wish to depart halfway through, the full weekly amount is payable, irrespective of the number of nights stayed.