General Information

What you can expect from us (your hosts) and what we will expect of you (our guests.)
We will treat you as one of the family, but this means that you will need to fit in with our family routine, which may be different from what you are used to in your own home. We are one of those ‘families’ who like to present you with specific written information of our ‘house guidelines’.
Please do not be disheartened if our ‘HOUSE GUIDELINES’ seem a lot at first.
These are purely designed to help you to settle into our home, as quickly and as smoothly as possible, so that you may begin your enjoyable experience instantaneously. However, if there is anything that you do not understand or are unhappy about, please do not be afraid to ask us first, we would be most willing to explain and ease your anxiety.
We host under age (-18 years) and adult (+18 years) guests from all over the world, with various cultures and religious beliefs occasionally all at the same time. Therefore, we have combined the ‘Guidelines’ to fit ALL and as a result only some of the ‘House Guidelines’ would apply to you.
We appreciate that each country has its own individual unique customs and beliefs. We are sensitive towards each of our guest’s specific way of life in their own home environment, England is no exception and neither is our home.
Therefore, we suggest that you spend the first couple of days of your arrival getting acquainted with our ‘House Guidelines’. So, that it is clear to you what we expect from you and what you could expect from us in return. We strongly encourage that you apply the guidelines and customs of our home which are different from the guidelines and the customs of your home for the full duration of your stay with us.
Through this you may find that our ‘House Guidelines’ are simply just a few well-mannered instructions.




Q1. What will you the ‘host family’ be like?
A1. Please read our profile under the section ‘About Us’.
Q2. What is expected of me as ‘your guest’?
A2. Please familiarise yourself with the written information on our ‘House Guidelines’, upon
your arrival. It is designed to help you settle into our family life and home.
Q3. I have not organised any airport transfer with you, will you still help me to get from any London airport to your home?
A3. Yes, just send us an email advising of your full flight details and we will forward clear written instructions on how to get to our home by using public transport.
Q4. Will I have my own private room?
A4. Yes, all our rooms are designed for SINGLE occupancy, unless of course you have specifically requested a TWIN room to share for your entire stay with us at the time of the original booking. We will not accommodate or pair you off to share your room with a total stranger, except if you specifically request it and if we have another guest requesting the same, but you both must be either under age or an adult, mixed ages or mixed sexes will not be accepted under any circumstances.
Q5. With regards to my room, what rules am I expected to follow?
A5. Please read our specific ‘House Guidelines’ upon your arrival to clarify the management of your room – the do’s and the don’ts.
Q6. Will I be given a front door key and am I allowed to come in late at night?
A6. Upon your arrival, you will not be given a front door key to our home. There is no need to worry there will be someone at home at all times to let you in. Please read our ‘House Guidelines’ upon your arrival for further information with regards to late arrivals.
Q7. Can I bring back friends to the home and stay in my room late into the evening?
A7. No, we do not accept friends or family members to come for a social visit during the day or to stay with you overnight in your room, unless they are non-smoking female guests exclusively, and they are paying guests! Otherwise, please do not ask us for permission as our answer may offend.
Q8. Am I allowed to use or to have access to the rest of the house?
A8. Yes, the main living areas of the house will be accessible to you, such as the dining room, the lounge area plus the use of the kitchen, to prepare yourself a ‘cold’ snack/lunch, coffee or tea (no cooking!) We would be delighted for you to join us after dinner to socialise, to practice your English language further and at the same time we could learn about your home, customs, culture and country as a whole.
Q9. Will I be able to use the bathroom to cleans daily?
A9. Yes. a) You will have unlimited access to the toilet (WC) during the day or night. b) You will have access to a shared bathroom twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. It is important for you to remember that you will not be the only one using the bathroom, therefore, please see our ‘House Guidelines’ upon your arrival to clarify the cleansing schedule times and the length of time together with the clear instructions of the bathroom conduct.
Q10. Am I expected to do my own laundry?
A10. No. However, you may do so if you so wish using only the facilities of the washing machine. We will be pleased to provide a laundry service as and when required subject to a small ‘direct cash payment’ per machine wash, (using our laundry facilities either way carries a small separate fee.) Guests are not permitted to hand-wash any personal garments in our home irrelevant of how small. Please refer to our ‘House Guidelines’ for further information. Alternatively, there is a local self-service launderette nearby, approximately 20 minutes walking distance, if you much prefer.
Q11. What meals will I be given and when will they be served?
A11. Everyone will be provided with meals according to their original booking request specifying the type of ‘Meal Plan’ boarding required i.e. BB, HB or FB. In our house we provide a varied multicultural cuisine as well as a typical British one. Please refer to our ‘House Guidelines’ for further information.
Q12. Can I use the telephone?
A12. Our telephone is for you to receive incoming calls ONLY from your family back home. Any further calls are not permitted without a telephone card or without our permission. Please refer to our ‘House Guidelines’ for further information.