Hello, and welcome to our ‘home away from home’ services

Staying with us in a ‘host family’ / ‘homestay’ style accommodation is economically ideal for you when coming to the United Kingdom. Whatever your reason for choosing our home:- for study, for business or for pleasure, the benefits are endless, you certainly will not be disappointed.
Living in our home is a perfect introduction to England. You will have the opportunity to be totally immersed in furthering your knowledge of the ‘English’ language; to learn and experience first-hand what it is like being in a typical ‘British’ family home, of living like a real ‘Londoner’, at the same time enrich your knowledge plus understanding of the ‘British’ culture and heritage. No doubt you will find your stay with us very interesting and rewarding.
We understand and are sympathetic towards the difficult challenges that you may face upon arriving in our home as well as being in a foreign country, when and where you may find yourself for the very first time in unfamiliar surroundings, language as well as culture differences along with perhaps feeling disoriented, overwhelmed, homesick and vulnerable. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure a welcoming environment with a constant warm, harmonious, cheerful and friendly atmosphere. We guarantee to accommodate and cater for your basic everyday needs as well as for your overall well-being while being part of our family.

We pride ourselves in providing a service that is safe and luxurious but most importantly a happy ‘home away from home’.

When you integrate and interact with us in our normal home environment, English would be the main language of communication. However, we are also fluent and have knowledge of other languages too. We would be delighted to offer advice, support plus take an active interest in your education and learning development of the English vocabulary making your experience complete.

As the saying goes “Practice makes perfect!”